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Forte Marghera, Previous Military Barracks and Home of the Largest Cat Colony in Europe

Forte Marghera was built in the early 1800 in the lagoon near Venice where large artillery vehicles were not able to drive. It was built as a barracks for the Italian army. Here is a very interesting link if you are interested in reading more.

Black and White Cat sitting in Window
Cat in colony of Mestre Venice Italy

The Fort is home to one of Europe’s largest cat colonies.

One of the reasons for planning this day trip was to see the cats. In addition to the cats, it is a very interesting historical site with lots of interesting buildings and artifacts.… Read more

Exploring my Love / Hate Relationship with Venezia (Venice)

One of the lovely canals in Venice.

I have a love / hate relationship with Venice. First of all, do I recommend that you see Venice at least once in your life? Absolutely! In fact, I have been to Venice many times over the years and hope to again soon.

I remember stepping out of the train station in Venice over 20 years ago. The surreal feelings and experience I had seeing the canals and architecture for the first time will stay with me forever.… Read more