Forte Marghera, Previous Military Barracks and Home of the Largest Cat Colony in Europe

Forte Marghera was built in the early 1800 in the lagoon near Venice where large artillery vehicles were not able to drive. It was built as a barracks for the Italian army. Here is a very interesting link if you are interested in reading more.

Black and White Cat sitting in Window
Cat in colony of Mestre Venice Italy

The Fort is home to one of Europe’s largest cat colonies.

One of the reasons for planning this day trip was to see the cats. In addition to the cats, it is a very interesting historical site with lots of interesting buildings and artifacts. It was very hot the day we visited so we were happy to buy some cold drinks and food at one of the few local bars on site. It was worth the walk and we were glad we went.

Please donate to help the cats
Aiutaci ad Aiutare

You can tell the cats of Forte Marghera are loved and well cared for.

Donations were and are appreciated as it is expensive to provide food and shelter. You could tell that they were all very content. Some were even friendly!

Below are pictures of the Stop Playing monument.

Closeup of globe in Stop Playing Monument
Closeup of globe in Stop Playing Monument
Stop Playing different angle
Stop Playing

Partial quote from the plaques caption in the picture, Lorenzo Quinn “If we consider Erath’s age. Humanity as a whole is like a small child in the evolution of time on earth. The world seems as if it’s in the hands of this capricious child, who plays with it without care for the consequences any game might cause. The slingshot represents our natural resources, which we are stretching beyond their limits. “

Rotten Boat from many years ago in a canal in Forte Marghera
Rotten Boat from many years ago in a canal in Forte Marghera

As you wonder around Forte Marghera, you may find an old rotten boat in the canal covered in moss and who knows what else. It looks so cool and I wish I knew the story of what it was used for and why it is still there after so many years. It is a great photo op for sure. If anybody knows, please leave a comment to enlighten me and my readers.

There is also a cool Military Museum at Forte Marghera although we didn’t spend a lot of time.

Apparently they have different art exhibits in the old gunpowder storage building at the forte. This one was very cool and interesting.

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