Bolzano Italy – Enjoying a Beautiful Weekend Trip

Outdoor Market Flowers Bolzano Italy

After arriving at the Bolzano Italy train station, we started walking downtown toward our hotel. We were very hungry and started looking for a place to eat. It was hard not to be distracted with all the cool street vendors. We immediately noticed that there was a very strong Austrian / German influence. Most employees in stores and restaurants actually spoke German by default.

It was close to 2:00 PM and most stores and restaurants were closed so we finally found a bar / restaurant that was still open.

My lunch of prosciutto and melon in Bolzano Italy
My lunch of prosciutto and melon in Bolzano Italy

Bolzano Italy is so beautiful. Mountains, rivers, wonderful Germain inspired food, amazing sights wherever you look. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived and wish we would have planned more days there to enjoy.

Corte Bar Bistro Bolzano Italy
German Pizza Chino
Bride and Groom Bolzano Italy

I always like to capture a picture of a bride and groom. We always joke about the number of weddings we see in Italy.

Bolzano – Bozen Italy train station.

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